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Save Time & Money.

Advanced Drones & 3D Scanning.

Our inspections bring significant time and cost efficiencies by taking advantage of advanced RPAS and 3D Scanning technologies to create complete Digital Twins.

At Your Service.

Licensed & Certified Professionals.

We provide our clients in-house and partnered expertise to deliver the highest standards of service, including: GIS Professionals, Architects, Engineers, Licensed Inspectors, Thermographers, RPAS Pilots and Surveyors.



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Investors, Small Business Owners, & Professionals.

Accurate & Efficient Solutions.

We offer a wide range of inspections, surveying, architectural, engineering, GIS, and analysis services, to Real Estate Investors, Small Business Owners, Property Managers, Construction Contractors, and other professionals.

A Bird's Eye View of Your Site.

Aerial Mapping & 3D Modelling.

Data captured by drones can be used to rapidly create high definition Aerial Maps (Orthomosaic, DEM, Thermal, etc.) and Models (3D, Point Cloud, BIM, etc.) through a processes called photogrammetry. The Maps and Models we generate act as reference documentation for architectural and engineering planning, design, and validation. With these digital assets, our in-house and partnered licensed building inspectors, and GIS Specialists are able to provide comprehensive analysis of a building and/or site. Compared to traditional methods, utilizing drone technology brings significant efficiencies and cost savings to building planning, design, construction and management processes.

A Complete Look Through Your Space.

3D Interior Digital Twin Modelling.

A 3D Interior Digital Twin is a highly accurate virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of the interior of a building or space. This technology allows you to visit the space virtually, create precise 2D floor plans, 3D Building Information Models (BIM), virtually conduct detailed building inspections, and can even be used to create complete architectural building permit drawings.

AutoCAD Floor Plans

Our As-Built Floor Plans (.dwg & .pdf) can be used for various architectural design and construction applications. They accurately depict all room, window, and door dimensions, and the location of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and more. 

3D, Point Clouds, & BIM

We generate precise 3D models with accurate positioning data that can be used to visualize designs for various building renovation and construction applications. We can export High Density Point Cloud data in LAS & XYZ; 3D Model data in OBJ; and BIM files of verified schematic-design-level fidelity (LOD 200) for use in Revit.

Roof Reports

Through high resolution aerial imagery and photogrammetry, we are able to generate a comprehensive roof report, which includes: an interactive 3D Model, DXF file, and a roof plan with accurate measurements of the perimeters, segment areas and slopes.

Thermal Imaging

Aerial and ground-based radiometric thermal imaging is used to determine Building Roof and Envelope Heat Loss, Gas and Methane Leaks, and Solar Panel Condition Assessments. Thermal orthomosaic maps are also available to provide a site overview.

2D Orthomosaic & DEM

We are able to rapidly generate highly-accurate 2D orthomosaic maps as references for engineering and architectural planning and design. View the DSM elevation data though a one-band GeoTIFF file or contour file (DXF/SHP).

Cut/Fill & Stockpile Analysis

Our cut/fill analysis allows you to quickly compare the elevation of your site to a design surface (grading plan). Where as our Stockpile Report can be rapidly generated to accurately measure and report upon the total amount of different types of materials that are present in stockpiles on-site.

Detailed Inspection Reports

Our detailed inspection reports can include Radiometric Thermal HVAC and Heat Loss/Gain Analysis; Building Interior, Envelope and Roof Condition Assessments; and Building Anomalies. All our detailed inspection reports are completed by OBOA, AATO, & HRAI certified building inspectors.



From $249
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Enterprise-Grade Drones.

Radiometric Infrared Camera.

Our DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced & Matice 300 RTK drones are mounted with infrared thermal camera systems which have a 640x540 resolution, 30Hz, and deliver temperature measurements to an accuracy of  ±2 °C.

Governmental, Industrial, & Utilities.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs.

Asset and Infrastructure Inspections can be tailored to your needs, providing you actionable data and detailed analysis for a variety of solutions ranging from project progress monitoring, asset condition assessment, photo documentation for preventative measures, and more.


Water towers, communication towers, and industrial towers. RPAS data can provide actionable insight into the types of materials required for repair, personnel and time requirements to improve operational efficiency.


Our thermal equipped drones are able to identify manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, defective bypass diodes, and temporary shadowing.

Wind Turbines

We are able to complete preventative maintenance - allowing you to anticipate and eliminate problems before they develop. Our aerial wind turbine inspections check for damaged blades, dcrew threads, damaged turbines, and more.

Public Infrastructure

With meaningful RPAS data the cost of on-demand of maintenance of bridges, tunnels and other critical infrastructure can be reduced, and road and highway damage (due to environmental impact and natural erosion) can be monitored.


Pre-Heater Tower Inspection

Ash Grove Cement Plant - Mississauga, Ontario

View Project

Detailed Roof Inspection

2457 Lakeshore Road West - Mississauga, Ontario

View Project

3D Digital Twin & Detailed 2D AutoCAD Floor Plans

Unit 25, 3065 Ridgeway Drive - Mississauga, Ontario

View Project

Complete Site & Building Inspection (Interior & Exterior)

24 & 26 Bruce Street - Brantford, Ontario

View Project

3D Digital Twin & Detailed 2D AutoCAD Floor Plans

626C Sheppard Ave W - North York, Ontario

View Project


Per building, up to 3000 SQ.FT, $0.05 per extra SQ.FT.
  • 3D Interior Digital Twin Model (98-99% Accuracy)
  • AutoCAD As-Built Floor Plans
Detailed Interior Inspection Report
3D Mesh & Point Cloud Export
.E57 File Export
Building Information Model (BIM)
Prices Vary
Complete Building Permit Drawings
Prices Vary


Up to 5 Acres Site, $10 per extra Acre.
  • 3D Aerial Exterior Model of Site
  • Orthomosaic Site Map (1-1.5cm Resolution, GeoTIFF)
  • AutoCAD Site Plan
Roof Measurement Report
Detailed Roof Inspection Report
Detailed Envelope Inspection Report
Elevation & Digital Terrain Model Export
3D Model & Point Cloud Export
Cut & Fill / Stockpile Analysis
Prices Vary
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