Dan Chaudhry


Managing Partner

As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Sky Sight Inc., Dan Chaudhry oversees a growing team and manages the firm's operations and projects. He spearheads strategic planning and business development, driving innovation and excellence at the firm. Dan is involved in conducting client meetings, managing client relations, and fostering strong, long-term partnerships. He excels in building design and is passionate about creating architectural concepts that exceed expectations, while considering compliance with the Ontario Building Code. Additionally, he conducts site visits and employs advanced technologies like terrestrial LiDAR scanners and RPAS for precise and efficient data collection in complex geomatics projects.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Honours) and a Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Waterloo. He is a certified Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Operator with Flight Reviewer Rating and a licensed a Commercial Pilot (CPL) with Instrument Rating (Group 1) and Flight Instructor Rating (Class 4). His extensive experience includes assisting with research at the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics, instructing students, and working as a Research Lecturer at the University of Waterloo. Dan has applied advanced spatial analysis techniques using ESRI GIS software in climate and environmental management projects and is skilled in drafting, 3D modeling, spatial data analysis, and RPAS operations.

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